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Interested in applying to TSK? Great!

About Us

TSK started back in 2007 on the Shadowmoon. We raided hardcore from BC to Wrath. Cata we started to wind down and take a break. We transferred to Sargeras at the end of MoP to start raiding again. We are a progression minded guild with casual raid times.

Our current raid schedule is Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. CST.

We are an 18+ raiding guild. Mature language will be commonplace in teamspeak so please dont be easily offended. You must be present in teamspeak for all boss encounters. The ability to communicate in teamspeak is required. Attendance is mandatory, but we do understand that life events do occur. If you are going to be gone you must contact an officer and post on the forums to let us know ahead of time.

Loot decisions are not popularity contests, and are awarded based on a combination of factors, including past loot, attendance, performance, reliability, attitude, and level of upgrade.


GM and Co-GM
Our GMs are the voices of our Leaders and Officers. Guild policies, rules, and Loot Council are decided by the combined effort of all three.

Our Leaders are Loot Council members. They help lead our raids and set our strategies.

Our Officers have more defined roles such as recruiting or helping guildies iron out rotations.

Fulltime Raider
Our Fulltime Raiders make up the core of our weekly raiding crew. They maintain higher than 80% attendance. As such they have a slight priority on gear because we want loot that we all work for every week to be here.

Casual Raider
Our Casual Raiders are people who may not be able to maintain higher than 80% attendance.

Trial Raider
Trials are new players to our raid team. They are evaluated for 1-3 weeks during which they do not have loot priority.

Friends, Family, and Alts.

Important Information On Applying

Make your application a reflection of you. Please type clear and concise answers. We probably will not accept an application with with a poor presentation.

Please app in gear that is relevant to current content. We know there are amazing people out there, but there is a minimum gear requirement for playing competitively with us at all. Please take the time to look at your gems and enchants before you decide to apply. Its easy to see how much you care about your character by the work you put into them.

If you are here to just to pick up a few pieces of gear before disappearing, you do not belong here. Be social, be helpful, be friendly, be reliable. Roxu's favorite food is Tacos. He has a weird obsession with them.

We are not a PVP guild. As such we are not recruiting for RBGs or the like. If you are into PVP that is fine, but your focus should be on PVE as that is what you are apping for.

How to Apply and Application Process

Please read the info on this page. Then make sure you Register for an account then head over to our Application Form and fill it out completely.

Once you apply, officers will look over your app. If necessary, we will respond with questions regarding you application. They may range from class/spec specific questions to UI questions.

Internally, the officers will discuss your application and responses. If you are selected, we will invite you to become a Trial Raider.

Accepted as a Trial Raider?

Trial Period

Applicants are invited to the guild with the rank of Trial Raider, enabling them to communicate with the rest of the guild using guild chat, see gmotd, etc. Trial Raiders are expected to have higher than 80% attendance.

Our application process generally lasts one to three weeks, during which you will be evaluated on personality, attendance, and performance. Provided the Trial is satisfactory in all of these categories, they will be promoted to a Fulltime Raider. Other options will be discussed.


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